About me

I am Annelies van der Ham. I gra_MG_4900 (2)duated from Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management in 1999 at the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands. That doesn’t mean I know a lot about computers and hardware stuff. I am a conceptual engineer, who likes to think of the world in terms of systems, interrelated objects and structures. I am good at simplifying large complex situations or problems, both quantitavely as well as in writing. Like most engineers, I want to make things work better. In my MSc thesis I had my first attempt to do that in a hospital when I studied how computer simulation can improve hospital processes. That experience made a big impression.

In my work I have always been busy with improving supply chains. In the first six years of my career I worked for TNO, a Dutch applied research organization, and researched and advized airports, fruit traders, offshore companies and other commercial businesses. I returned to healthcare in 2005 and since then I have worked on the design and development of new hospital buildings, information systems and logistical concepts. In my daily work I do that as consultant at SQwin. My research is done at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where Frits van Merode, Dirk Ruwaard and Arno van Raak are my promoting professors.

You can contact me via a.vanderham@squrious.nl